Fear is a topic that often gets overlooked or simply equated to physical fear instead of emotional fear.  Fear in emotional capacity is in many cases more paralyzing than physical fear.  Take for instance the person who really wants to travel but fears being alone.  The person who wants to go out to dinner, doesn’t have anyone to go with so stays in with a pizza delivery.  Fear of being  alone or seen as being alone … valid fears but… the stop us from living, creating adventure in our lives.  Perhaps if you went to dinner alone you would meet someone that you wouldn’t have met if you were already there with someone because you attention would be diverted to the person you were socializing with.  I’m deciding to take more risks in my life, step out more into things that I don’t often think of doing and I’m excited to see the results.  What would you do if you weren’t afraid or in a “habit of doing certain things”?  Let’s make this next week a week of change, opportunity and adventure… that’s the theme… CHANGE, OPPORTUNITY & ADVENTURE… push fear aside and pull out your strength your desire to live and you child like adventure, see the world as you would have when you were 10.  What fun this can be, can’t it?

I really want to hear what you did that you wouldn’t have done… speak up and speak out don’t let fear hold you back… Live this week beyond your wildest imaginations and share what you finally did that you now wish you would have done years ago.  I’m excited to hear from you and will check back in next week with my list too.

Oh and remember to share this with your friends so you can support each other in achieving the life you deserve.. thriving not just surviving.

Go for it!