Many people have what I call “stinking thinking”, their energy is destructive and creates a cycle of poverty in their lives. Often people think they are “getting back” at somebody or they disguise it as “warning the world” about another person that they feel “wronged” them and in reality they are only hurting themselves.  These people live in a consciousness of lack and limitation because they are not able to take responsibility for their own choices so they let jealousy, envy, anger and a boatload of other emotions run their lives and get in the way of prosperity.  When you seek to hurt another let me explain how I believe the Universe responds.  You throw out the intentional infliction of harm upon another and the Universe sees this “throw” as a boomerang and throws it right back, then what, now what you “dished out”, you got it right back… “ouch”.  If everyone believed this, wouldn’t we all consider the consequences of what we were throwing before we took the final action of the throw?  It hurts me to see people so jealous of another that they are willing to risk the blessings they have in their life.  As readers you all know people who act as I’ve described and perhaps you too have found yourself in this behavior.  We have all been here, I’m sure.  The secret to wealth is in the journey we are willing to embark upon, for it is one of a higher road, a broader path, a brighter day and a steeper hill that we are willing to climb to seek the truth of our existence not the punishment of another, for the Universe will take care of that business.  My mother use to tell me “Tonja there are 3 types of business  Gods , Yours & Mine and if your in any business other than yours, your in the wrong business”.  I’ll leave you with that for today and wish everyone a prosperous loving day.