So many people want the secret to_________ fill in the blank.  Success, wealth, romance, health, happiness etc… I hear all the time “we want the secret to wealth”.  Telling you the absolute truth will not feel exciting enough but here goes, I warn you it’s not sexy, ready?  The secret to wealth is hard work, tenacity and resiliency.  Hmmmm but Tonja Demoff isn’t there a formula? Yes there is

1.  Get up in the morning, early so you can spend time with yourself, your higher power and plan your day beginning in prayer, because many things will come your way that will shake you if you do not have a foundation a faith so strong that when the tsunami of change approaches you can hang on!  In your quest for wealth you will encounter everything but wealth at first.  I believe this is so when you achieve it you will cherish it, honor it and respect the responsibility that comes from it.

Your character will be challenged, molded and groomed for the path you choose and if wealth is truly your path it may have obstacles  for you that you wish didn’t exist.  Perhaps a path filled with betrayal from friends and family or co-workers, perhaps you will need to see just who you can actually trust, leaving you lonely or isolated.  For certain you will be faced with the chattering behind you back and must find your way to a place that accepts people will always talk, the question is will you always care that they do?  Ahhh my wealth seeking friends the path that awaits you is one of challenge.  Many people say they want to be wealthy, down right RICH and they just are not willing to take on the responsibility.

2.  WORK— have something that you do, that you absolutely love to do and do it all day, every day, morning, noon and night because you just don’t want to do anything else.  Of course you can create balance, but it comes at a cost in the beginning of your wealth creation, the cost of time equals money until you are established and your project, business or idea is launched.  People look at wealthy people and see them doing what they do and making it look easy, they don’t see all the trials & tribulations, the falls, the scraped knees, tear-filled  days or nights or weeks. Only a few see the climb, the tenacity, the drive, the sacrifice and the fulfillment is seen by the many and unfortunately many of the many will not understand what you did to “arrive”!

3.  Know yourself inside and out so you can realistically evaluate the path you choose, be solid in who you are, accept yourself so you can be grounded.  This way your strength will again come from within.  Be willing to make the hard decisions, the unpopular choices and be strong because you know inside what you know to be true and that is your inner guidance.  Listen to yourself and follow your “gut”, your intuition.

Tonja Demoff