Let me start by saying that I have been serving my country for 22 years through a combination of active duty and reserve service.  As September 11th approaches I reflect on my service and the service of many others who have given the ultimate sacrifice.  I found myself challenged on how to deal with some people who have such a negative approach to those in the Military and can make damaging comments to those in service.  I was involved in litigation via my business, one of my business partners decided to sue me and to “rally” anyone she could to be against me in her pursuit of an undeserved financial windfall.  Let’s just say that the unfortunate actions of my attorney (failing to show up at a trial), left me in a position to receive a HUGE default judgment that snowballed into a series of litigious complexities all ending economically draining.  This woman won a judgment against me and then decided to use social media to defame me and make public the findings of the litigation and to call me a fraud.  We had a business dispute and she turned it into a personal vendetta to ruin my reputation.  I’ve simply ignored her vicious actions and today I saw that she posted a photo (that she thinks is me) in a military uniform and she made the comments “I can’t believe she is allowed to serve our country”.  This statement comes from a woman who has never served our country and has no idea the sacrifice that is required.  I have an impeccable military career and I’ve served our country most of my life in one capacity or another. I love this great country and I am honored to serve and wear my uniform with great pride.  I’m offended that she would feel justified in her comments and I’m equally as offended that she would post a photo of another military woman and dishonor her with the stigma of “fraud”  attached to her photo.

Tonja Demoff’s personal message to  Kemery Blair Yeakel -you should be grateful for the men and women who wear a uniform and take caution in your words, representations and disrespect.  A business dispute should be handled professionally, and you shouldn’t take your anger out on my fellow NCO’s and degrade them in your attempt to degrade me.  The men and women who serve, including me watch over you and protect your freedom with or without your support.  We protect you regardless of your beliefs, attacks, disrespect or bad behavior and we do it because we love the United States of America with all of our heart and soul.  I hope you will take down the photo of the woman you think is me and that you will put your pride aside and show some respect.