What is FRAUD?  Plaintiffs who win law suits by default and allege FRAUD will prevail and be able to call another person a FRAUD.  I know because this happened in my life and I’m living proof of what the legal system can do to people, relationships and ego’s.  I’ve spent 8 years in a legal battle of the “idiots” if you will.

What I mean is that the people who sued me were looking for a “windfall” of cash not a solution to what they perceived as the problem.

These people filed a law suit without having a conversation with me or any of the other business partners. They hid behind a legal demand letter NEVER coming face to face to professionally discuss the demand. In fact  one of them actually ran and hid when I went to personally speak to him, Otto ran and locked the door, I knocked and  he said “_____”, that’s right absolutely nothing.  Then when I saw him in a legal proceeding his head was hung to the floor and he couldn’t make eye contact.  Contrast that with Kemery who during a court hearing stood up postured, stepped into the isle of the courtroom to block my passage and said ” you won’t be smiling for long”.

These were two people who were my business partners, they were experiencing personal issues in their own lives and wanted to change the business partnership, they wanted to leave both for different reasons.  Otto wanted to leave because he and his other partner Jim were not getting along and they couldn’t seem to get the hang of what to do and how to do it.

They came to me for what they called “more training” and I told them the best training is to get up out from behind your desk and start doing the things you’ve been taught to do. I told them that they couldn’t do it sitting down with their feet kicked up on the desk.

They resisted the training and had all kinds of ideas themselves which they simply “talked about”.  They made excuses for why they didn’t think what they were trained to do would work, now mind you they didn’t even leave the desk to go and try. The discussion didn’t go the way Jim or Otto wanted so Otto stormed out of the office, called me later to agree to a settlement.  He wanted all of his money back that he put into the operation of the company.  I told him that we could do an accounting and dissolution of the partnership subtract the actual hard cost expenses and part ways.

He said no he wanted it all.  I attempted to reason with him and expressed that we incurred costs in our partnership with employees etc… and he said “your the millionaire, you can afford to give me my money back”.  That right there said it all, he had no intention of honoring a business agreement his point of view was I had the money so I should  just give it to him.  He then filed a HUGE law suit filled with things that had nothing to do with our business and they were FABRICATED causes of action…. BUT GUESS WHAT?  My attorney failed to show for the arbitration hearing and I was defaulted… this means I lost the case and never had the chance to show up for it.  I paid the price for incompetent legal representation…. Who is the FRAUD… according to the legal system it’s me.  Let’s talk more about this in the next blog!