A few days ago I contacted Rondee Eagle from the Law offices of Eagle and associates.  I sent a demand letter informing her  the photo  she and her other two “cohorts” posted on social media, was erroneous. I demanded out of respect for the “actual military woman” that she remove the photo and the caption calling her a “Fraud” and defaming her reputation.  She responded with the following

“It is not my page, don’t have any control over that page, and frankly don’t give a damn about what you demand. Tonja, you have received my response”.

So let’s look at the facts of this situation.

  1.   Rondee Eagle is an attorney licensed in the state of CA
  2.   She is the contracts professor for  Pacific Coast University  School of Law
  3.   She appears in a photo on the social media site  that states “We have come together to…” (photo out to dinner/drinks with 2 other women)
  4. She has liked the photo indicating her support
  5. The other 2 people in the photo are not attorney’s

The question I pose is one of the standard of care that Rondee Eagle should be held to in her  involvement in such an offensive act, calling a woman a FRAUD, posting her in military uniform and allowing her photo to be circulated with such a caption.  Though Rondee Eagle attempted to distance herself from the page in her statement it is obvious that she is connected, supportive and even IF the page is not her page she has a “voice” and she knows or should know that the page violates the law as it pertains to the woman in Military uniform.

I’m curious about your thoughts on this topic… please share and let’s see what we can do to help this woman get her photo off of such an offensive website.

Tonja Demoff