My question is one of ethics, moral standing and responsibility.  Does a law school professor have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a certain manner since they are in a position of influence over soon to be attorney’s?

Should lawyers be allowed to get away with bad behavior just because they know the law, have friends or spouses as attorney’s?  I say NO!

Rondee Eagle, professor at Pacific Coast University Law School has exhibited “bad behavior”.  She is one of 3 people who have come together to call out Tonja Demoff as a FRAUD, they put up a website on social media and they are attempting to “save the world from me” and my “fraudulent ways” as they put it.

In doing this they are defaming a military woman that they are now aware is not me, and yet the photo remains of this woman in uniform and they want the viewers to think it is me.

Let’s talk about my “stuff” for a moment.  I was involved in litigation, lost, received a judgement  and I’ve written about it, you can read it in my book FRAUD by Tonja Demoff or Settlement by Tonja Demoff.  Reading my situation on their site you’d think I’m a criminal!  Rondee Eagle is a criminal defense attorney and the contracts professor at PCU, in Long Beach CA she knows better or she should. My litigation was a civil contracts case that these 3 people have turned into a malicious  attempt to ruin my reputation.

I noticed that Rondee Eagle did not discuss her own litigation where she was sued for FRAUD or where her companies were sued for FRAUD on a number of occasions and none of her friends wrote those situations, just mine.

One of Rondee Eagles other friends from this website was tracked down for over 4 years to pay a judgment and her story ended up in the Aspen Times…. this list can go on, for now lets let it sit because….

More importantly I want to know why they continue to keep this woman’s photo on their website… How dare they defame a decorated USAF NCO. How dare they think this is acceptable behavior and how dare Rondee Eagle participate in this type of degradation of a person and decorated NCO.

The University should take action against her for this very reason alone.  If this isn’t enough they should look into Rondee Eagles overall behavior and consider removal, she is not the ethical standard that the students deserve, believe me when I say this as I was one of her students, and I’ve spoken to many others.

If you are reading this blog TAKE DOWN THAT PHOTO, I will not let this go until you honor this woman who serves our Country!

Tonja Demoff