Text message Dated “9/28/65”

Tonja- to Rondee- Obviously you don’t take this seriously don’t contact me again.

Rondee:  I take going after U seriously. Your nonsense, not at all. The more u do, the easier my job. U need to take that seriously.

Tonja:  I’m telling you one more time stop texting me it’s all you do is threaten take the photo down. Your degrading another’sreputation, you wouldn’t want yours destroyed stop harming somebody else and you know that website is yours. You can deal with he State Bar on all your bad behavior.

Rondee:  It’s not mine. U have it in writing in my texts. Wouldn’t know how to put up a website if I wanted to. U know damn well it’s Kemery’s and she knows damn well you know it. I encourage u to go the bar.  Once I get confirmation you have done that, it allows me an additional cUse of Ction. All of your texts are being forwarded. Keep the threats and invasion of privacy, defamation and harassment coming. I smile each time

Rondee: Uthink I am kidding. I am so far from kidding

Rondee:  And I will leave u for good with that was told not to block u, just keep forwarding should have thought of that myself.

So here we have professor Eagle responding to a demand to remove a photo from a website that she and the other two women “have come together to…. ” etc… why is this professor so angry with me, the lawyer. HMMMM  She can come after me but has no influence with the other two she has aligned herself with.  She informs me it is Kemery’s website… did Professor Eagle inform Kemery that I told her it wasn’t me? If she did inform Kemery, what responsibility does Kemery have?

Are the  few text messages demanding she take the photo down considered harassment.  Is her invitation to have me contact the bar and file the complaint spun as a threat? Why is she smiling regarding such serious topics as defamation, invasion of privacy, and harassment?

Lawyers with bad behavior abuse their power and then hide behind whatever argument they can make to their advantage.  My favorite in her two barrage of communication is the notion of being obsessed with her…. My text messages are surrounding a photo, how does she spin a disrespect of hers regarding a photo into obsession.  Funny remark is that she  seems to know where I live LOL… Lawyers with bad behavior need to be held accountable and she has bad behavior.