Let’s hope since Rondee has indicated that PCU is aware of the “blog” that together they can all figure out how to take down a photo of a woman that is not me, and if it were me would be just as disrespectful and deserving of attention.

I don’t know Rondee Eagle’s view of those that serve or have served.  I do know this, she appears on a website where people, even if not she, disrespect those in uniform.  Eagle fires off words about hurting her family, does she for a moment consider the families that are being hurt by this horrific and intollerable  degradation of a decorated military woman. Imagine for a moment this decorated woman were a close family member of Rondee Eagles, do you think this lawyer could persuade her other 2 friends to remove it? Or would she allow it under the same argument.

This is a simple solution… Take down the photo, Rondee has it in writing on numerous blogs, several texts and an email that this photo is not me.  Why is it that she tells me in writing that the fb page isn’t hers and I’m to back off, yet I tell her the photo isn’t me and she passively sits by the sideline.  Perhaps Kemery isn’t as much of a friend to her and would want to see her fight… ahhhh maybe kemery wants her to fight me…

Rondee Eagle has called me many names, degraded and acted as atrociously as any attorney in my bad category could possibly act, and I’ve not filed a bar complaint against her nor sought any legal action. I succumbed  to her hostile and aggressive threats of litigation until now.

Today, I contacted the State Bar and discussed every detail of my interaction with the bar attorney, they directed me to the form and suggested based on the text messages that I sent she may very well have violated professional relationships.  I have printed off a stack of email communication, downloaded my voice messages and will fax in my complaint shortly.  I’ve had enough of bullying attorney’s who take advantage of a legal system set up to protect people.  Just because you are an attorney doesn’t give you the right to be a bully, make things up or threaten, in fact it should make you more responsible as an officer of the court.

Rondee mentioned that her colleague  said she should have come after me sooner… hmmm after me for what? What on earth could Rondee have said that warranted such an encouragement…if it was said.

Could it be…. that Rondee got scammed in Zeek… NO because Rondee drafted the agreement for all of the parties she invested with.

So my blog is pathetic she says…. and the Facebook page she is part of ?  Hmmmm again an attorney who spins the world the way they choose.  Oh I’m sure I’ll get some sort of slam for this open conversation and she’ll attempt to make my life miserable because that is what lawyers with bad behavior do….. and they get away with it….. until they don’t.