San Antonio event was wonderful! I really enjoyed the rehab project, seeing the bathroom come together, the floors etc… To those of you who worked on the fence… that was FUN!!! I’ve never seen so much “red” on anyone LOL.

Making a renovation project fun is simple… do what you love with people who share the same vision.  We all had a vision to see a property transformed, add value, increase the market value and then the next step will be to sell it for a profit… ahhh a wonderful feeling.

Best part of all of it was the people, their hands on hard work to tear down walls, carry supplies, tear up carpet and flooring.  Paint, stain, tile, grout, more grout etc… it was hard work, and fun.  The evening on the riverwalk added the relaxation that was necessary to add the final touch of class to the entire weekend.

For those of you involved in the Houston project, look out it is going to be AMAZING… and bring your hard work, extra energy and positive attitude… it will be required.

If your wondering what on earth I’m talking about it’s our new series of “wealth Rehabing”. Pick a project (which can only be done in person at one of our newest seminars) sign up for your area of specialization and commit to some manual labor on that project.. earn while you learn from our team of go to handy men and women….

I just recently learned how to completely renovate a master bath right down to the studs and up again as I dreamed it to be.  Hey I even know how drains need to move, WOW!…

Our group is gaining momentum as we venture into Houston for the next project.. Register for one of our net 2016 Seminars and you can see what projects we have going on.. It’s exciting… 2016 our goal is 100 projects… help us achieve the goal!

See you soon,

Tonja Demoff