Avoiding Dirty Contractors The right contractor can make or break your remodel. Whether you are updating your primary residence or rehabbing an investment property, it is of the utmost importance that you avoid dirty contractors at all costs. But how does one spot a dirty contractor? A contractor who tries to slyly alter the terms of the original contract is probably dirty. Any contractor who does half the work and then claims that the remainder was not included in the original contract is probably dirty. Another thing to watch out for is contractors who try to bring in other contractors without consulting you. Just because you enter into a contract with Contractor A does not mean that you have contracted with any subcontractors that this individual might choose to introduce into the equation. A bad contract can sidetrack or even derail your remodel project. This means lost time, which translates to lost money. To avoid dealing with contractors’ dirty tricks, always make sure that you hire only those contractors who are able to produce impeccable references from people you trust. No references? No deal. If a contractor refuses to present you with references that can attest to his or her experience and quality of work, then chances are this person has something to hide. Just as you always read product reviews before making a big purchase, you should always consult a contractor’s references and past projects before signing a contract. And even if a contractor’s references check out 100%, business is still business. So you are going to want to make sure that your contract is watertight. This means getting everything in writing up front. Don’t let a smiling face and charming demeanor catch you off your guard. Oral agreements are tough to prove in court (should your dispute get to that point), so you should always write up a good contract to protect your interests when working with any contractor. Learn more about avoiding dirty contractors by visitng Tonja Demoff’s informative real estate website. Renowned real estate investor, author, and speaker Tonja Demoff shares her wisdom on dirty contractors, false friends, the power of positive intentions, and more.