Build The Life You Want, One Affirmation At A TimeDo you consider yourself to be a positive person, or are you one of those perpetually gloomy naysayers who dismisses every opportunity that comes your way as a trap or just too good to be true? Are you living the life you really want or are you stuck in a career or relationship rut with no way out in sight? Do you constantly find yourself using words like “can’t,” “never,” or “impossible”?

If any of this hits home, then it’s time to take an honest assessment of your life and finally decide to put an end to the negative thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back. Instead of dwelling in negativity, doubting yourself and the opportunities that come your way at every step, it’s time to begin a program of self-affirmation that will bring about the positive life results you deserve.

Many people out there scoff at the power of making positive affirmations. For many, it’s all a big joke. As if our words have any bearing whatsoever on the reality we are subject to. But therein likes the crux of the problem. We continue to believe that we are somehow subject to a reality that is entirely beyond our control. That is simply not the case. The reality we face, and the lives we lead, are in large part ours to mold.

Until you stop seeing yourself as a hapless onlooker in a reality over which you have minimal control, and until you stop viewing yourself as a victim of circumstances you are powerless to change, you will never have the life you want. So what is the antidote to this sort of thinking? The solution is the cultivation of positive, self-affirming, success-affirming affirmations.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the power of positive affirmations, you will find few more powerful examples than that of Tonja Demoff. Faced with adversity, Tonja has repeatedly come out on top. Faced with loss, bankruptcy, and even wrongful litigation, Tonja has time and again risen to the top. Why? Because Tonja understands better than most people the power of positive affirmations to building a successful life.