The Path To Success Is Paved With Positive IntentionsDo you dream of wealth, success, and happiness? Honestly, we all hope to achieve these things. We may try various methods to achieve our dreams, some more effective than others. It cant’ be denied that the market is saturated with self-help manuals, training seminars, and dubious programs, all promising a fast path to wealth and success.

However, most of the available books and programs on the topic are missing one crucial ingredient. In fact, most of the publications and programs on the topic are missing the point altogether. Some advise you to set solid goals and develop good habits in order to achieve success and find wealth. Others advise you to live a spartan life without lattes and spa days in order to somehow scrimp your way to wealth.

But this is all just surface stuff and none of it will get you even one millimeter closer to your dreams. Wealth and success aren’t the result of a strict regimen of goal setting and weird habits, nor is it possible to somehow deprive your way to wealth and success. Instead, the path to wealth, success, and achieving your dreams begins and ends with you. You already possess within yourself all that you need to build the life you’ve always wanted, and achieve your dreams of wealth and success.

Too often, we blame our lack of success on something out there. External events, other people, the housing market, the economy, the full moon. In reality, however, none of this is responsible for our personal success or lack thereof. Instead, what’s lacking in the equation, and what’s ultimately holding us back from achieving our deepest dreams, is a failure to cultivate positive intentions.

Without looking to your own inner life, you will never achieve success or wealth. However, when you begin to form positive intentions about how you want your life to be, you will notice changes that you never imagined possible. The power of positive thinking cannot be overstated. So instead of depending on market conditions and other people to make your dreams a reality, why not let Tonja Demoff teach you how to be the arbiter of your own success? Armed with the power of your own positive intentions, you can pave a sure path to wealth and success.