Learning To Trust Your Inner VoiceIn today’s world, we are trained to listen to the experts. We are taught to heed the advice of others who know better than we do and disregard our own inner voice when it conflicts with the information we receive from outside sources. This is particularly true when it comes to the world of business, where the voice of intuition is replaced by hard facts and precise numbers. Rather than trusting in our own intuition we are advised to look to the market, focus on industry forecasts, and set realistic goals.

In reality, however, the most wildly successful business people trust to intuition more than the business world at large is willing to admit. Do you think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were thinking about the market, or industry forecasts, or setting realistic goals when they set up shop in a dumpy garage and effectively started something that changed the way the entire world works? Was Warren Buffet thinking about practical concerns and industry outlooks when he made his first golden deal?

No! When true pioneers in the world of business make earthshaking decisions that ultimately change the way the rest of us see the world all thoughts of market realities, industry forecasts, and realistic goals are far from their minds. Instead, these men and women are trusting to something far more fundamental. They are listening to that small but powerful voice of intuition that each of us possesses but most of us ignore.

Far from being something that must be thrust aside to achieve success in business, the voice of intuition is an all-important factor in some of the greatest achievements of the most successful business people. So the next time you are faced with an important business decision, instead of ignoring that little inner voice that urges you to act just go with it. See where it leads you. The results may surprise you. When you learn to trust your intuition, as recognized real estate investor, author, and speaker Tonja Demoff has done throughout her successful career, you might just achieve things you never imagined were possible.