Better Business Success Starts With YouHave you ever heard the phrase “You’re your own worst enemy”? It’s fairly common, and its overuse often pushes it into the realm of cliché. But it’s also a sad truth for many out there working towards their goals. Tonja Demoff, realtor and author of several systems designed to help you reach your goals, has seen this for herself time and time again and believes that anyone can find better business success if they start by taking a look at themselves.

There are two main issues that many in the professional world end up sabotaging themselves with. These are self-doubt, and lack of responsibility. Let’s take a closer look at them.


This is especially a problem when you’ve experienced setbacks or failures. Self-doubt can make it harder to act decisively or to affirm to yourself that you’re taking the right steps. It’s often made even worse when your friends or colleagues aren’t as supportive as they should be.

But finding the confidence you need to succeed is vital, and once you are able to do so you’ll notice that you’re moving back towards your goals. The key is understanding what works for you when building up your confidence.

Lack of Responsibility

This one’s even more important, and something that is more easily overlooked. There’s a common theme throughout business wherein whenever something goes wrong, everyone shifts blame. The idea is to protect yourself, but when you’re in charge it’s important that you accept responsibility.

Why? The main reason is that doing so lets you stop trying to find something to blame the setback on and instead lets you focus on identifying the mistakes that led to the problem directly. Then, you can correct the issue and avoid the mistakes further.

These are just two examples of how a better level of business success begins with you. The resources at can help you find more ways to improve your success and start moving towards your ultimate goals.