Stop Making Mistakes Hiring Contractors Or AssociatesWhen you’re running a business, there will be plenty of occasions when you need to turn to outside help. Whether it’s help with building or remodeling an office space, contracting out specific job duties, or striking up a partnership with a supplier, you’ll have to turn to outside entities. But just because someone shows up and claims to be able to help doesn’t mean that they can.

With years in the professional field, Tonja Demoff has seen firsthand just how frequently a bad contractor or bad business partner can drag down a company. That’s a key part of the Tonja Demoff systems available through – being able to understand what a bad deal is.

Stop Making Mistakes

Luckily, you don’t have to make these mistakes over and over again. There are a few basic points that, if remembered, will simplify the process of finding a great contractor and ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of. Here are some of the tips worth keeping in mind.

  • Research – Don’t just take everything you’re told at face value. Do some online research into a company to find out more about it. A quick search can tell you a lot more than you realize.
  • References – But even online info can be doctored up a bit. Request references from your potential contractor or business associate. These references will ensure that they’re on the up and up. If they don’t have references, keep looking.
  • Say No – This one matters. It’s easy for people to assume that since they took the time to contact a contractor for an estimate, that they ‘owe’ them their business. This isn’t the case. You have the right to say no and to find someone else, and in reality you’re better off finding a better contractor than sticking with one who you don’t trust just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  • Use Good Judgement – If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If you get 5 quotes and one of them is thousands of dollars cheaper than the rest, odds are it’s not a great deal – it’s a scam.

Your company likely requires subcontractors for a huge assortment of tasks and jobs. Be sure that you make smart decisions when choosing yours to help keep your bottom line solid.