Blair-Yeakel attempts to make people believe she is “innocent”, “victim of fraud” and quite frankly insults the intelligence of people. I recently read her newest post… where she says things that imply she has spoken with “past partners”… Let’s do some fact finding…

food for thought:

1. kemery had several partners (more than a handful) and not 1 other partner joined her in the FRAUD law suit!!

2. Kemery didn’t share any of the hundreds of thousands of dollars she received from Re/Max to settle- so they wouldn’t be economically devastated by her greed and lies. SHE KEPT ALL THE MONEY!

3. She put up a nasty page calling the partners and members FRAUDS (did she think the partners and Tonja would not tell their side of the “mess” she created for everyone?)

4. Kemery Blair Yeakel pulled a number of people into a debtor exam, threatening them that she would go after their property if they didn’t give her information about Tonja (these people didn’t even know the blair-yeakels) Kemery actually jumped into the lawyers questioning to “bully” one of the people brought into the exam… I was told this directly from this person.

5. She has in her possession a judgment against all of her former partners, their companies and the majority share holder, Tonja

6. Tonja offered Kemery the opportunity to professionally tell her side of the story, on camera, with a panel of business professionals asking her questions and she declined. Why? Perhaps because it is she who is fearful of the truth coming out!

7. She makes statements that it’s “difficult to stop a FRAUD” and yet she doesn’t seem to have made any effort to stop the so called fraud and save anyone. Her efforts have been self serving, sue, sue, sue… get money, get money.

8. She filed with the department of real estate recovery fund attempting to get money, She was told the claim was investigated and there was “no wrong doing”.. so the claim was denied.

9. She makes statements that she was the victim of a “con” and so were “so called others” and yet these so called others don’t seem to appear on her page, in court or any other place we have been able to find.

10. She attempts to take legal issues – that she was aware of as a partner in the company and twist the verbiage to read like it was about Tonja and the partners scamming, de-frauding etc…

11. When she speaks, she Lies… in fact in a deposition she was asked directly why she said such glowing things about Tonja in a prior deposition and her answer was “I was trying to help”.. so we know when she is trying to help, she lies… who was she trying to help in her own law suit????

12. She thanks people on her page for calling in to “check out Tonja” again… nobody is coming forward… yet she acts like her page is saving the world.

13. Ask yourself how this woman, a 25+ year realtor was scammed? She signed contracts, entered into real estate transactions, became a partner and then… a law suit all on her own, no partners included… does it add up?

14. Every single partner lost everything they worked for because Kemery Blair Yeakel, AKA DAY was greedy. She didn’t care about any partner, their interest etc…

15. If the above isn’t enough to make you sick… this sure will…Kemery and Jamie blair yeakel came to the office one morning bragging that they had fed dog food to Jason, one of the parters while socializing at Sean’s house( another partner) the night before. They disquised it as a dip and fed it to him… the purpose was to show him that he really would eat everything. Jason was furious, they thought it was funny… It wasn’t and the other partners discussed it… she didn’t like the conversation.

16. During this legal battle, kemery contacted everyone she knew had any involvement with Tonja, especially previous romantic partners. She was obsessed with Tonja and gathering information, dirt, anything that would help her win — and still she had 3 witnesses at trial of which none of them were appraisers, escrow, title, Partners with knowledge of the accused transactions. Personal friends and previous relationships etc…

Her witnesses were “so called character” …

1. The realtor who represented the buyer on her personal home and was also a seminar attendee of Tonja’s (no involvement )

2. A Person, the companies were suing for a dissolution and accounting of partnership.

Her third and final witness was interesting as it was a former partner of the company who Tonja loaned 500K to. The woman got herself into a bad loan, Tonja bailed her out. The woman holds a real estate brokers license in multiple states, attempted a condo conversion. When this woman had all of her partners bail on her, leaving her with a “mess”, she sent an email to Tonja asking for help. Tonja helped her… then at trial she said when reminded how Tonja got her out of a mess… “so, she got me into it”… not wanting to take responsibility for an apartment building she owned,she dismissed her own responsibility and made it Tonja’s fault!
17. Kemery has insulted way to many people in this process, she has let greed, selfishness, desperation and any other emotion get in the way of good business judgment. She wrongfully has attempted to make Tonja and all of the partners look like FRAUDS and in doing so has, in our opinion hurt herself.

18. For now the last point is…

In Kemery’s recent posting she said something to the effect that Tonja is mad and lashing out… TRUTH… Tonja didn’t lash out, never has and won’t- she simply responded to Kemery’s backlash by setting the record straight.

Tonja has given Kemery every opportunity to grow up, woman up, tell the truth, turn this entire unfortunate set of circumstances into a productive and powerful opportunity for everyone. Since Kemery declined to do so, Tonja did what she does… moved on and forward to create it anyway.

Did Kemery really think that this situation would shame Tonja ? Remember Tonja’s moto is…. sometimes you’ve got to lay it all out to sort it out!!!

Tonja has gone on to write three books, picked up by a New York publishing house and create numerous training programs… is Tonja mad… no. Tonja said she feels sorry for Kemery, because good solid character would have given her what she tried to cheat everyone out of.