Better Success Starts With An Honest Self-AssessmentIf you’re one of the many who are working towards achieving your professional goals in some way – whether it’s through opening your own company or working up the ranks of your current place of employment – you already know how important finding success can be to you.

You also know just how many challenges are out there that could be standing in your way. But did you know that in virtually every instance, your success will start with you? This is just one example of what author Tonja Demoff explains in her series of personal growth systems and books, all available by visiting

Have you done an assessment of yourself, or are you still in the habit of moving through life without worrying about where your success or failures are truly stemming from? Here are some things to consider.

  • Are you communicating effectively? Whether it’s with team members or potential clients, being able to effectively communicate is a must for any business leader working towards their goals.
  • Can you admit to your own mistakes and learn from them? Being accountable allows your employees to follow your example and helps you spot potential mistakes you’ve made that you can avoid in the future.
  • Are you leading with compassion instead of malice? There’s plenty to be said for being a hard-nosed go-getter, but that doesn’t mean that you should be acting in unkind ways. This will impact you professionally and personally and is something you need to pay attention to closely.
  • Finally, are you working in a field that you’re really passionate about? Finding a career path that you really love will help you stay motivated and driven to succeed in it.

You’re your own worst enemy, and also your greatest asset. It’s important to take a look at yourself to see where you can grow in order to more effectively reach your goals.