The Question Of TrustIn life, few things can be as difficult for us as placing our trust in someone else. Whether it’s in love or in business, trust is something that is incredibly difficult to come by. But it’s also the key to true success, and one of the main things that author and realtor Tonja Demoff explains in her numerous systems designed to help you achieve your goals. You can visit to find these resources, but first let’s take a quick look at trust.

There are two main types of trust you’re going to have to focus on when moving towards your goals in any situation. They are:

  • Trust in Yourself – Do you have the confidence needed to make decisions and move yourself towards your goals? Being able to trust in yourself is a must for any business leader. You need to be able to react to new challenges and plan out strategies for success without second guessing your decisions, otherwise you’ll be holding yourself back.
  • Trust in Others – You also have to be able to put your trust in others. This is true in your professional and personal lives – you need to trust a romantic partner just as much as you do a business partner, after all. No business succeeds all through one person – even ordering stock from a supplier means that you trust them to provide you with quality products.

So how do you go about finding trust when it’s hard for you to muster it up? One step is to look to the past. Have you made decisions in the past that led to positive outcomes? Use them as evidence that trusting yourself and others works. If trusting others in the past failed you, don’t look at it as proof that nobody can be trusted. Instead, see what went wrong and try again. There’s a part of you that is just going to have to let go, but once you begin to trust in others and yourself you’ll find that moving closer to your goals comes more easily.