Are You A Responsible Business Professional?When you enter any field, you need to be confident in your abilities and able to lead yourself or your business to the goals you set. However, an alarming trend within the professional world is a lack of responsibility, and it’s something that author Tonja Demoff stresses in all of her inspiring systems found at

We’re not talking about responsible in as much as you wake up and go to work, or that you meet your deadlines in a responsible manner. What this refers to is being responsible for your own actions and your own mistakes.

The Importance Of Responsibility

Think about most professional situations. When a mistake is made or something goes wrong, how many people do you really see that are willing to stand up and say ‘I made an error’? The answer is probably very few. And that’s not without cause – after all, major mistakes can lead to consequences at work. But so can failure to accept responsibility. Let’s take a look at some of the key ways that being responsible for your actions – good or bad – can help you in the long run.

  • For starters, accepting responsibility lets you set a good example. If you work in a company with multiple employees this is very important since it sends the message that you are willing to admit your mistakes. That alone can help inspire your team to do the same and inspire them to trust in you more.
  • Accepting responsibility also builds a reputation for yourself – one of honesty and a willingness to be open and candid to your teammates, clients, and others. That reputation can help you stand out today.
  • When you are able to admit when you’re wrong, you are also able to look at the mistakes you’ve made and learn from them. This opportunity for personal growth can help you become a better leader and avoid issues in the future, but it can’t happen if you’re not willing to admit when you’ve messed up.
  • When you actually succeed, it’s much easier to get the credit you deserve if you’ve been willing to admit your shortcomings in the past. People can look to your efforts with more trust if they know that you’ll take responsibility for your actions and their outcomes – good or bad.

All in all, accepting responsibility is a vital part of becoming a truly successful business professional. No matter your field or position, it’s something that is well worth paying attention to.