Getting More From Your Goals No matter what you’re doing in life, chances are that you’re moving towards some goals you’ve set for yourself, right? This could be something professional like reaching a certain number of sales in a quarter or something personal like spending one night doing nothing but relaxing, but no matter what it’s related to there are goals there you’re striving for.

Author and realtor Tonja Demoff has spent years setting and reaching goals – and failing to reach some along the way. But the important thing to remember is that your goals will have a direct impact on your overall success or failure. Mastering your ability to thrive in your profession is important and is a key focus of all the systems at, but for now let’s look at goals.

Goals And You

The first and most important thing to remember is this: Set realistic goals, not outlandish ones. Take a look at where you are, the potential of your field, and what you can realistically expect to achieve. Then use that info to set your goals. Here are some points to understand about this:

  • Doing so helps you avoid frustration and demotivation. When goals are so out of reach that it seems like you’ll never get there, it’s easy to just give up in your field entirely.
  • Once you have a goal you can reach, you can set up multiple goals in a kind of roadmap to success. Set a large, long term goal, and then create multiple goals that you need to reach in order to achieve it. You can then celebrate reaching each of these smaller goals as you move towards the ultimate one.
  • Realistic goals let you move forwards with less stress. And when you’re not overwhelmed with stress, you have a better overall attitude and approach to your business.

Simply put, there’s nothing wrong with setting a goal you can reach and then, upon achieving it, setting another one that is even loftier. But don’t start with a goal that will take decades to reach unless you are fully aware that it will take that long to achieve it. When you’re realistic in your goalsetting, your entire professional life benefits.