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Millionaire- Money Back!

Millionaire Money Back CD only

I hope you enjoy this set..
Taking responsibility when investing is critical to success. I watched the TV News reporting on Trump University and though admittedly I do not know all of the facts I do know that too often people join training programs that promise they can be a millionaire, build a business or become a star.
People must take control of their choices and actions. If you join a program you must do more than attend. Information isn’t ACTION and ACTION makes the difference in PROFIT or other forms of SUCCESS.
Don’t blame seminars, colleges, or other trainings for your failure to take action. Learn about yourself and know who you are as a person, if the program is something you will actually do or is it just another book for your bookshelf.
Calling people FRAUD because you chose to attend and did nothing is irresponsible and will keep you broke. DON’T give testimonials at trainings if you don’t like the program…
I was shocked that the news made a big deal out of people giving testimonials directly after a training program… when people liked it! Seems to be a great time to discuss a program… the problem is then you leave the program and go home with yourself and your own patterns of behavior… trainings are to help you get motivated, inspire you to take action so you can achieve the goals you have for yourself.
Since I too give seminars I am all to familiar with the “I didn’t learn anything”… that a person says 2 years later when they are broke and want their money back. Unfortunately people look for “money back ” from those they gave it to…
This series will teach you to take responsibility for your choices, empower yourself through personal accountability. Become profitable by changing your character and begin to realize that you are responsible for your financial choices and all of your decisions.
Learn to recognize “false promises” and see “puffing” for what it is… be conscious that when you choose to attend a millionaire seminar that only you can create that for yourself. Books and CD’s don’t make you wealthy… they empower you to create wealth through your own actions.
Food for thought!

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St. Croix U.S Virgin Islands Training Program for Entrepreneurs

This past weekend we had an AMAZING event in St. Croix, not only was it beautiful on the island it was magical.  I’m proud to have rolled out our newest program designed for the Entrepreneur.  More events will be posted over the next few months and you can now register directly at

As an added bonus to our training program we conducted a 2 hour free workshop discussing “The Blair-Yeakel Effect”.  This was extremely popular due to the real life content and helpful information to every entrepreneur.  When you learn how to use the Blair-Yeakel Effect system it will change the way you do business.




Tonja Demoff- SCAM

Tonja Demoff SCAM- Read it! Mind Blowing…

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Source: Tonja Demoff SCAM- Read it! Mind Blowing…

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