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Entrepreneur Edge

Entrepreneurs Edge

Tonja Demoff Entrepreneurs Edge Program

Knowing How To Get Help When You Need It

Knowing How To Get Help When You Need It When you’re moving through your career, you’ll likely want to take as much onto your shoulders as possible. After all, they say when you want something done right to do it yourself, correct? But no matter how good you are at various tasks or how much you love your job, the simple fact is that sometimes you’ll need to turn to others. Continue reading “Knowing How To Get Help When You Need It”


The beginning not the end! Get clarity on the why of the entire situation, release yourself from feelings of inadequacy, shame and embarrassment.  Life is filled with Twists & Turns (www.Twistn…

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Are You A Responsible Business Professional?

Are You A Responsible Business Professional?When you enter any field, you need to be confident in your abilities and able to lead yourself or your business to the goals you set. However, an alarming trend within the professional world is a lack of responsibility, and it’s something that author Tonja Demoff stresses in all of her inspiring systems found at Continue reading “Are You A Responsible Business Professional?”

Twist & Turn For Success In Real Estate (And Life)

Have you ever asked yourself, “What type of real estate investor am I?” Are you a career investor, always working on that next big deal? Are you a risk taker, addicted to the rush of a risky deal? …

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